Author Topic: Support for carriage returns in the track information panel configuration  (Read 2998 times)


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I ran into the seven prompt/field limit in configuring what is displayed in the track information panel.  I would like MB to somehow read carriage returns (say <CR>) under fields, so instead of one row per field entry, there could be multiple.  Note, the tags I'm interested in added are not multi-value tags, so that option to split isn't not applicable in my use case.  Anyways, I like seven row arrangement as it now stands because I believe that is a sane default for new users.  Here, I'd like some extra flexibility in presenting album info for more seasoned users.

Field1: <Title>
Field2: <Album> (<Year>)
Field3: $If(<Artist>=<Composer>,,$If(<Artist>="+/-","Artist(s):  "<Artist>,$If(<Artist>="20/20","Artist(s):  "<Artist>,$If(<Artist>="AC/DC","Artist(s):  "<Artist>,$If(<Artist>="Ambidextrous/Morkva","Artist(s):  "<Artist>,$If(<Artist>="Broker/Dealer","Artist(s):  "<Artist>,$If(<Artist>="De/Vision","Artist(s):  "<Artist>,$If(<Artist>="etti/etta","Artist(s):  "<Artist>,$If(<Artist>="MorelenbaumĀ² / Sakamoto","Artist(s):  "<Artist>,"Artist(s):  "$Replace($Replace($Replace(<Artist>,;,", "),/,", "),"  "," "))))))))))
Field4: $IsNull(<Composer>,,"Composer(s):  "$Replace($Replace(<Composer>,;,","),/,", "))
Field5: $IsNull(<Publisher>,,$If($Or(<Publisher>="[Bandcamp]",<Publisher>="[Self-Released]"),,$IsNull(<Catalog#>,"Publisher:  "<Publisher>,"Publisher:  "<Publisher>" ("<Catalog#>")")))
Field7: <Comment>
note: Field6 is blank to add a blank line separator between the album info and reviews embedded in <comment>

*typo for <Publisher>

Ultimately, I would like to be able to do the following in the fifth Prompt/Field (<CR> = carriage return):

or (for some soundtracks)


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just use the item separator (; ) and MB will start a new line
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just use the item separator (; ) and MB will start a new line
Unfortunately, the following didn't work: $IsNull(<Composer>,,"Composer(s):  "$Replace($Replace(<Composer>,;,","),/,", "));$IsNull(<Conductor>,,"Conductor: "<Conductor>);$IsNull(<Involved People>,,"Orchestra/Ensemble:  "$Replace($Replace(<Involved People>,;,","),/,", "))

or "; " (with an added space)

[$IsNull(<Composer>,,"Composer(s):  "$Replace($Replace(<Composer>,;,","),/,", ")); $IsNull(<Conductor>,,"Conductor: "<Conductor>); $IsNull(<Involved People>,,"Orchestra/Ensemble:  "$Replace($Replace(<Involved People>,;,","),/,", "))

I agree with what you are getting at.  ";" would be a nice delimiter to signal a new line.

EDIT: Whoops, now I see how the "split multi-value tags" works now.  Hmmm, this could be problem for listing players in an ensemble that already has a ";" delimiter brb...

EDIT 2: It appears to handle already multi-tag fields just fine so long as one replaces the ";" with something else like ",".  Hmm, the list of individuals doesn't spill over to the next line.  If the code below is by itself, the output will continue on to the next line.  So, I guess I have to reshuffle some of the fields.  Oh well, at least I can still see the names via the mouseover for now.

$IsNull(<Involved People>,,"Orchestra/Ensemble:  "$Replace($Replace(<Involved People>,;,","),/,", "))

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So, it looks like reshuffling works so long as ";" is where it is supposed to be and those separating artists are replaced by something else.  Thanks Bee-liever (again)!  ^_^

EDIT:  I guess I spoke too soon because now <comment> is wrecked because many of mine contain reviews, some of which use ";".  So, I guess my wishlist still stands.  I remember trying "split multi-value field" before and I think it this is the reason why I left it unchecked.
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