Author Topic: copy the mp3-files who are listed in a playlist  (Read 1199 times)


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First topic, not my language but... let me try ;-)

Is it possible to copy the mp3(m4a)-files who are listed in a playlist (m3u) from local or LAN folder to the SD card on my device (Blackberry)?
I know how to send a playlist (MusicBee) to an external playlist (m3u-file) but it will not copy the belowing files, so I see the playlist on BB but there are no mp3-files ;-(

I found some tools like PlaylistExtractor or m3uCopier_v10 but they are old and do not support LAN directotries oder m4a files.

I would lik to do this in MusicBee but if not possible I take a external tool.



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Hi Vincent

Oh yes, it's exactly what I needed. It works fine, also with my BlackBerry.

Thamk you very much