Author Topic: Scan for new files : why rescanning all the files ?  (Read 11341 times)


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@ redwing : I didn't, as my collection is too big to be stored on my computer. Yet, scanning is obviously faster when dealing with files stored on the computer : I tried with a folder of nearly 20 GB and it was very fastly done.

@ steven : I have now downloaded V.3, with the last patch. I used it to scan over 6000 files tonight. I was very long too, which I can understand. After all, once the collection is entirely scanned, I hope it will be faster to add just a few albums.
Yet, I've just tried something : I added only one file to the 6000 files that had already been scanned. I pressed Insert and lauched a new scan for new files. What is very strange is that the first 4500 files were scanned nearly instanteanously and then the scan slowed down abruptely and the last 1500 files were very long to scan. What I can't explain is that those files had already been scanned : I only added one album including a dozen of tracks, that's all... It doesn't make sense...

I must say I'm a bit lost...


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I've seen a few cases like you in the forum who had reported a similar connection problem with their NAS. I don't know what causes it, but if JRiver does it well without a problem, it is possible MB needs some enhancement with that area. It could be an issue of OS, network protocols, brand, model, ... who knows.
So what I'd like to suggest you is post a wish about this including detailed tech specs of your NAS and what you have experienced with MB as compared with JRiver. Then other users with a similar issue would report their problems, and if enough info is obtained, some day Steven might investigate the issue to enhance the performance. As you see, you can't just compare one-man-hobby project with a team of paid developers. Using MB needs some patience and self investigation especially when you have a device-specific issue.


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Thank you for trying to help me with that.

Actualy, it's very strange, but since I faced this issue, the scanning speed has improved. MusicBee doesn't rescan every file, only the new files, which obsiously takes more time.
I also tried to use an ethernet RJ45 cable connected to the box instead of scanning by WIFI and it's faster, of course. I guess I should scan the whole collection this way and then use WIFI only when I will add just a few albums.

I think that jRiver is faster because it's not connected the same way to the NAS. While MusicBee considers the NAS mereley as a remote hard disk and has to scan every file in it, which takes time, jRiver can connect to the media server generated by the NAS itself : I guess it means part of the job has already been done by the server software (Minimserver, Plex, Emby, etc.) directly on the NAS. That's why it much faster.

Maybe MusicBee could be improved by adding a media server feature. Yet, I guess it must be quite something to set up and that Steven, unfortunately, won't have the time to do it...


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Old thread I know, but relevant.
I set up my second computer with MB latest version 3.
I have 86,600 files on my Netgear NAS hardwired on my network.
I can't remember how long it took to scan these files initially, but I think it was less than an hour.

What I'm finding now is that the auto scan on startup and scan continuously don't seem to be working, if they are then I haven't waited long enough.
However the manual File/Scan folders for new files found one added album in amongst these 86,500 in less than 5 minutes. I do not use this computer for anything other than playing files, and it seems quite snappy.
 I will have to do a longer trial where I leave new files on the NAS for an hour or so and see if it adds them automatically.
Just changed some tags (via Windows) in an album and mb reflected those straight away from the NAS, so not sure what the bottleneck is? I had "on startup check for updated or missing files" ticked. So that seems to work. I guess because there were no missing files it didn't show a message asking me to delete from the library.
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