Author Topic: Changes to the Analyze Volume dialog  (Read 1833 times)


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I'd like to request a few changes:

1. Make the "adjusted calculated replaygain values" slider larger. It's difficult to slide in 0.1dB increments. An alternative would be to put inc/dec buttons on either side to bump the adjustment up/down by 0.1dB.

2. Add a Zero button to the "adjusted calculated replaygain values" slider. That makes it easier to reset the dialog from the last album it processed.

3. Don't auto-dismiss the dialog. Or add an option to auto-dismiss. I've found that occasionally, when I need to adjust several tracks' track-specific replay gain settings, sometimes the dialog will auto-dismiss even though a few of the tracks actually would clip (even with the alert checked on).

4. Would it be so difficult to add some logic to this whole process to fully automate the replay gain values to prevent clipping for both tracks and album values? As it stands now, I typically start with both basis checked and 0dB, then (if necessary) I have to manually adjust the album basis first, then go through each track (that clips) individually adjusting them. Seems like this could be totally automated.


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I think point 4. bears repeating. What I would like to see is a checkbox "prevent clipping" before analysis that will lower replay gain for clipping tracks as needed. The data is obviously there, so why do I have to fiddle with that slider for every clipping track?

I know this is an old topic, but it's still valid, the RG process hasn't changed.


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+1 for the comments on Point 4.  This would be like the old Mp3Gain's "Apply Max No-Clip Gain for Each File" option, which I still use on a regular basis to raise or lower on problem files.
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I'll +1 the idea of a "prevent clipping" checkbox for volume analysis. I pre-replaygain my albums before importing them into MB for this very reason. It would be nice not to have to do that.

There's no benefit that I can think of to letting a user set the volume at a level where audio will clip.