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I have backups of my music on two drives, about 20,000 tracks in each location. One is a straight up copy, the other is maintained separately as part of a shared library.  I want to compare the two drives and hide duplicates from the copied backup so that I can easily identify differences between the collections.

When I run the duplicate manager, it picks from one drive or the other apparently at random.  There's way too many files for me to manually switch them all. Can we have a way to prioritize them somehow?  It might make the most sense for it to be tag-based, could even just be "tag name" and "ascending" or "descending". That would offer more flexibility for different situations, especially if virtual tags were included.

Update: I sent them to a playlist, as usual, thinking I could sort by Path and just remove them from the library for now - only to realize that while you can remove files from playlist, and you can delete them from the computer in a playlist, there's no obvious way to remove files in a playlist from the playlist and the library at the same time.  Is there something I've forgotten or overlooked?

I ended up unticking the tracks in the playlist, so that I could find them easily in the Inbox. Got the job done, just seems awfully convoluted.
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+1 (for ability to list duplicates according to path or tag, in each column)
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