Author Topic: Popup notification on other changes (toggle shuffle/repeat, volume etc.)  (Read 1378 times)


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It would be really cool if there were options for the notification popup to also notify of other actions like toggling shuffle, repeat, changing volume, progress bar of playing tracks after skipping back or forward etc.

Those options could be some more check boxes when customizing the popup, so people who don't need this info could just not select them.

I really like the fact that the notification popup is pretty customizable which really helps when using MB minimized. Especially considering that all of the actions I enumerated above I mostly control using hotkeys so having a confirmation after pressing them is really useful.

Thanks for all the hard work.

edit: For showing the volume change in MB, especially when it's not in focus, I found out that this plugin (Windows 7 Taskbar Support - link) also shows the volume as it's being changed.
It doesn't help when the taskbar is hidden (while using a full screen app, game etc.), but it's quite useful.
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