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Hi everyone,

I've created a very basic, simple icon set for audio and playlist files.

I always try to configure my desktop environment very compact & spacesaving, so toolbars, buttons, etc are very small.
This is why I wanted also a compact, functional icon set that's actually not pretty but shows the useful Information (file-extension) even

if the icons are reduced to the smallest scale.
Maybe someone finds it useful.

I've also created a second set, that's not THAT basic as an alternative.

The link to both sets is here:

If someone wants to redo the icons, I've made them in Adobe Illustrator and saved it as an Adobe Illustrator-file (.ai).
ai-files work of course best with Illustrator, but also with other programs like the free vector graphics software Inkscape.
I converted it also in a .wmf-file and a .pdf-file, which are edible even in office programms like LibreOffice.

The link for the three files is here:

How to install:
Create an icons folder where MusicBee is installed e.g.:
c:\program files\MusicBee\icons
and put the icons there, then MusicBee will set the registry.
Important: you must run as as an admin and under
you must toggle
"enable MusicBee in windows explorer and context menus".

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