Author Topic: Syncing - on-the-fly conversion filter possible?  (Read 1371 times)


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Hey y'all, I'm loving MusicBee so far. Just got a 128gb Micro SD card so I can finally get away from Google Play Music, because the duplicates and unsynced playlists are bugging the crap out of me. But is it possible to sync certain tracks/albums in lossless and convert anything else to 320kbps AAC or something like that?

What I was thinking is to use a custom tag called Sync Lossless. On the tracks that I want to sync in FLAC, I'd set the value of that tag to 1. Anything else would either not have that tag at all or have it set to 0. So, if Sync Lossless is not 1, then the track would be on-the-fly converted to AAC.

So, is this possible through a plugin, or a setting that I haven't seen yet?  8)