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As title says, I'm having a bit of a weird issue. When I add files to Musicbee, it goes into the inbox, I modify the music files, tag them as I like, and then send them off to the libary. However, I recently noticed that the album art I add is being put as secondary, even if I delete the primary art first. The files are not read-only, and the only lead I have found is that the cover.jpg seems to be put into the folder with the music when it gets moved. Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing? Thanks guys.

EDIT: It seems MusicBee is indeed pulling cover.jpg out of the folder the music is originally, any way I can stop that behavior?
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check your artwork retrieval preferences in:
Preferences> Tags(1)> artwork storage> album cover search rules:

you probably have 'cover.jpg' set as your first preference.

select 'Set Retrieval Filter' button to get the panel for editing these.


If you are using auto-organise, untick 'also move remaining non-media files' option in those preferences.
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Unfortunately not on that first point, that's the first place I checked. It is set to "embed picture in the music file". As for auto-organization, I only have it set up to move the music files from my main SSD onto an external. Upon further inspection, it also has "also move remaining non-media files" unchecked. So neither of those are checked, although I completely forgot about auto-organize in the settings, so thanks for reminding me about that, haha.

However, the 'Set Retrieval Filter' button seemed promising, I unchecked all but embedded, and will see how that pans out.

EDIT: From further testing, it seems the retrieval filter was causing the cover.jpg to be pulled along with the files for some reason. I've now tried 4 albums with cover.jpg's in it, none have traveled with it. Thanks for all your help Bee-liever.
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