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Is it possible for you to update expanded album view to match iTunes 12? Some examples:

In my opinion this looks much better, notice the zoomed in blurred/frosted background allows text to match the color of the background while still remaining legible instead of having to always display contrasting colors such as white or black. Also the album art is displayed slightly smaller & doesn't have to be faded in. Since switching to MusicBee this is the only feature I really miss from using iTunes. Hopefully you'll consider it, thank you.
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this is already available  :) :

Follow this explanation:


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this is already available  :)

That's not what I'm asking. What I'm asking is if expanded album view could be updated to look similar to how iTunes 12 does, currently MusicBee uses a early iTunes 11 style of design.

iTunes 11/MusicBee style:

iTunes 12:


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that fuzzy, expanded artwork look is already available in other areas of MB so, hopefully, it won't be to hard to implement as an option in Artwork view

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