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I am a new user of MusicBee i like it so far just having downloaded it today, however there are a few problems mainly with Visualizations and their implementation which seems to be very hit and miss under windows 7 x64.

1.  Sometimes when you select a visualization MusicBee forcecloses on its own at other times it works fine.
2.  Searching through the forums there are not many visualizations for MusicBee and the only ones i found dont work and cause MusicBee to close even though my graphics card drivers are all up to date and also my net framework, directx runtimes visual studio's etc are all upto date from 2008 onwards up to 2015 both x86 and x64.
3.  When you close MusicBee and re-open it it doesnt remember that the visualization tab was open having instead to re-apply visualization everytime you re-open MusicBee.
4.  When you select a music playlist and play it it works fine, but when you re-open MusicBee it would be better if it remembered what it was playing when it re-opens rather than have to re-select what you want to play everytime you start MusicBee.

The skin i use is Bee78.
Like i said i like MusicBee but cannot use it as my deault musicplayer because of these items visualiation is a must it just makes a music player stand out from the crowd.  You should take a look at a music player called Jaangle my default player as of yet (formally known as teen spirit) i have not found one as good for using visualizations it uses .avs for visualizations, doesnt cause any slowdowns and works flawlessly  cyclying through visualizations instead of picking seperate ones, Maybe MusicBee should adopt the way Jaangle uses visualizations (as it is a player that is no longer being developed) would cause less crashes and make in my opinon MusicBee the No. 1 musicplayer out there at present, as it can do all that Jaangle does but much better except for visualizations.  I have searched through the forums and also googled on how to use .avs with MusicBee but to no avail not finding anything on how it could be done.  Im sorry if this post sounds a bit harsh i dont mean it to be as i said i like MusicBee very much but its adoption of visualizations is poor and let a really fantastic music player down.  Hopefully these items can be addresed and if they are then i will definately use MusicBee as my default musicplayer and will donate towards it.


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Updated to latest as of yesterday visualization still forcecloses MusicBee from time to time seems to be intermittent works sometimes doesnt other times and causes a blank white screen with process not responding and forclose process, 

Latest opens up MusicBee where it left off  so is working fine.