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I'm trying to write a plugin that allows me to sync my hue lights to the music played by MusicBee.

How does this function (NowPlaying_GetSpectrumData) work? I can supply an float array and get back an int. What's the meaning of them?

I want to get the "bass" of a song to change the lights. Is there a better way to do this e.g. another function or so?

Thanks you :)


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i cant check until tomorrow but from memory you would need to declare a float array of some multiple of 512 (4096 is probably right), the value returned will be the number of data points actually calculated and the array passed in has values -1 to 1 with the fft calcuated values


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Thanks for your fast reply. I've got a first version working. I'll post it on the forum as soon as it's stable enough! ;D


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Hi "Syrome",

Some months before your post I was started a thread about this already:

Unfortunately no one did replied on this.

Just now I found this threat here and I'm really exited to now how your progress is on this?

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