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Just use plex for this purpose. Throw Plex media server on top of whatever your music source is, then you can use your phone to throw your music to any TV with a chromecast or chromecast audio, including TVs outside of your home. It also gives you access to your music (and other media) library on the go.
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Looked at Plex but would prefer a solution Musicbee centered and be able to continue to use Musicbee remote.


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Hello everyone,

I'd like to share a little workaround to make MusicBee work with Chromecast audio.
You will need to install BubbleUPnP Server ( on your computer or somewhere on your network.
BubbleUPnP server will essentially allow you to turn the Chromecast into a normal DLNA Media Server. You will then be able to use the MusicBee UPnP plugin to stream music to the Chromecast.
There are some minor glitches (for example, it takes some seconds for every song to load), but it works  ;)


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Can't believe I never +1'd native support for this.

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Are we the people who got a Google Home / Chromecast for Xmas :D

+1 if Google ever get a Windows API going


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I agree with d_abbatelli, in that  BubbleUPnP is a good workaround.

There are also a couple of Gitbub projects which may be of interest: 'Chromecast Audio Stream' ( appears to be an alternative workaround to BubbleUPnP; and for the techies, 'SharpCaster' (, a Chromecast C# SDK for Windows, though this project is still at beta stage..


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Apple Music is DRM-ed and seems like not available on Chromecast.
You can try another way to play Apple Music on Chromecast.


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ChromeCast Audio with toslink output its a simple and high-quality way to output audio to a stereo system by "untying" the wires of a computer....