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Whenever I remove a file from the library it's gone for the current session (until I close MB) but once I restart MB the file pops back up again. Notice I only want to remove it from the library, but still keep it on my harddisk. As an example, I have an album but I don't like two songs and I don't want them to show up in my library, the current system just removes these items from the current session.

Would it be possible to have a checkbox or an exclude list in the preferences? So in a way you could set your library at D:\Music and inside Music exclude folders A and C, but manage B and D for example.


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you can exclude specific folders from being monitored in
Preferences> Library> monitored folders

you can also exclude files from playback in
Tag Editor> Settings
although this will still leave the files in you library
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This works but the full banned songs won't play in playlists I set for them. I'm assuming the only real way around this is to use the half ban and just use shuffle all the time. 

p.s is there a way to visually hide them in the library too?


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p.s is there a way to visually hide them in the library too?

You could keep them in the inbox. That won't affect static playlists, although it could affect auto ones.
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You could also create a filter with a rule to hide tracks with a bomb rating, or a (custom) tag set to some value that you specify.
Auto-playlists could also exclude tracks by using that filter as their source, or by implementing the same rule.
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