Author Topic: Android music players similar to Musicbee?  (Read 429 times)


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I've had an NW-A105 Walkman for some time now and I've usually stuck to the built-in music player. It's not bad, but it's a little basic. I started to branch out and look for other players to make my main. The one I spent the most time on is Poweramp, which I see recommended in a lot of circles. It's pretty good, but I'm kind of an obsessive person when it comes to the way I tag. What I mostly don't like is that Poweramp doesn't support sorting by release dates beyond just the year; and that's a big part of my library.

I'm mostly looking for players everyone else uses that might be similar to Musicbee. Something I would really like from my ideal player is multiple artists/genres support, the aforementioned release date sorting, and maybe support for the "DISPLAY ARTIST" tag. The "DISPLAY ARTIST" one is probably the most important to me since I want to keep featured artists on the tracks. Poweramp will just display it as "Artist 1; Artist 2", which is beyond irritating.

I know what I'm asking for might be a long shot, but I'm still fairly new to Android music apps, so maybe there's something out there that'll fit my arbitrary criteria  :)


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Most music players for Android use a very basic  approach based mostly on the standard APIs. So while they may look different, the underlying structure and library is fundamentally the same and limited to the "standard" tags that the base Android player uses.

There are some that offer better audio engines, and independent library management. But I am not aware of any that will add custom tags like "Display Artist" to their internal database.

Neutron has a great engine but basic library management.
Poweramp has a decent engine and does allow for multiple Artists and Genres. But again no custom tags.
GoneMAD has some extended tag support including the sort versions for Artist, Album, Albumartist, and Composer. Playback engine is limited to 48kHz standard though.

There are others, but none that I have tried over the last decade plus that offer what you seek for the Display Artist tag support.


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GoneMad Player is the best Android player I have ever used, when it's about customization and synchronisation with the files i tagged in Musicbee.
I didn't have to change my folders structure, it gets automatically my covers and artists pictures, and incorporates them.

I used Poweramp before (a long time ago), it was not as much complete.

You should give it a try.