Author Topic: Minimal Black (edit) background images randomly pulling from somewhere?  (Read 8947 times)


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So i had edited the minimal black skin done by albr0x to instead of pulling artist picks etc to run off of my own images set in a  folder. and it worked fine i was happy with it even sent it to my sister but then i updated to the newest music bee version because i was having issues with Tthe result of witch has caused it to instead of pulling from the folder with is right where it was to now pull random background images from the internet i presume since they certainly are not images that i have(atleast i think).

Now i of course checked the code ad tried to figure out what had changed but i can not seem to figure it out

the xml --> thats how it should and did look for over a year, how it looks now

Any help would be apreciated i feel like a dumbass for not knowing why this is not working.

P.S. if this is the wrong spot on the forum forgive my mistake this is my first post have mercy.


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In the "Gallery" element change
and MB will stop sourcing images from the net.

alternatively,  just delete the whole "Gallery" element.
MB will just use any images in your "Landscapes" folder for a background image
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