Author Topic: SendTo Playlist ShortCut  (Read 2028 times)


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I sync my Player with an playlist. That works fine.
But it is a long menu way to navigate through the menupath. [SendTo --> Playlist --> NameOfPlaylist]
Is there a shortcut for "sendto playlist".
If not, i think it's seems to be a good wish to have this option.


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I was looking for the same thing. Would be a great feature...


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Just in case you aren't already aware of this alternative method, it's also possible to drag and drop 1 or more selected tracks directly to a playlist in the left sidebar or even to a playlist open in another tab (just drop right on the tab), which I find waaaaay less tedious than using the context menu to navigate my ever branching tree of folders/playlists.

That being said, I would also be interested in being able to "bookmark" certain playlists to the context menu or even have an additional 'Send To' toolbar button command with the option to set your own custom playlist destination.