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Evergreen Tea

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Hey all, I'm having an issue with MusicBee since I switched from my integrated sound card to an USB Sound Card.

In short, it looks like MusicBee is outputting directly to my sound card when it shouldn't.
Under Player I have Output set to DirectSound and Sound Device to my speakers (which are default and the same setting I have on every other software).

MusicBee is not showing up in my Windows mixer or having music played by it recorded when I'm using screen capture software.
However if I turn up or down the volume of my speakers from the Windows mixer MusicBee's volume is affected by it.
Only MusicBee is doing this.

I tried looking with any keyword I could think of but nobody seems to have posted about this problem... So I'm posting here in the hope anyone can figure out what's wrong. Maybe I'm missing something very obvious.

Leroy Bad

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What type of USB sound cards do you have?
Some general tips. Make sure your USB sound card is turned on and detected by Windows before you start MusicBee.
For the Output choose WASAPI or ASIO if supported by your SC. Your SC should appear in the Sound Device section.
Make sure you apply or save the changes.
Under windows sound properties. Your USB sound card should not be the default. Or else Windows will use it for everything and there may be conflicts.
Also check the boxes for Exclusive mode under the advanced tab.


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ohh i forgot.
i havent a usb soundcard. i have asus xonar dgx. WASAPI or ASIO does not work, same problem.

edit: i changed my primary sound device in windows to something different then again to my speakers and now its works ^^
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