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I would love if MusicBee could fetch bpm, mood, genres, etc from AcousticBrainz, like it fetches data from MusicBrainz, Discogs or LastFM.

For those who don't know, AcousticBrainz results from a partnership between the MusicBrainz foundation and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, and endeavours to be a database of acoustic information of tracks. The tracks are indexed by the MusicBrainz ID, and through this ID you can either fetch the data for that track from AcousticBrainz, or use its software to analyse your tracks (they must be tagged with a MusicBrainz ID first), which then uploads the data it calculated to the AcousticBrainz database.

I think this would be a great addition to MusicBee, since it can already tag songs through the MusicBrainz database and, this way, we could have a more reliable source for mood info, as well as the BPM (which I find really useful, but difficult to obtain).

The project page is here ( and the API info here (

PS: MusicBee is a gift from the heavens! For a Windows user, iTunes was a nightmare, but since I use MusicBee I wonder why anybody would use iTunes!!


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I'll do a necro-bump on this.... as there's some interesting breadcrumbs, i.e.:
Apparently MusicBee uses AcoustID:

Which in turn references/links to a MusicBrainz ID and with that an Acousticbrainz dataset...
And having recently stumbled upon Acousticbrainz, the above sparked a thought - so would it be possible to:
- write acoustID (or the resulting/linked MusicBrainz ID) to a tracks' metadata field from MusicBee (I only see very basic auto tagging functions which I assume uses AcoustID)
- then fetch and review (and write if wanted) the AcousticBrainz info to custom metadata fields within MusicBee (as a track or album based query)...?

In which case, great! Then I'd follow down that rabbit hole...
If not, I'd +1 this thread :D