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Hi Guys,

I would love to be able to have a music player which starts when the computer starts, carrying on from when the PC went off.

Does MusicBee do this, if so what settings do I need to adjust.




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You could create a shortcut to your MusicBee.exe file with an appropriate command line parameter depending on what you want it to do:
/Play <file name> (can be a playlist)
/PlayResume (to restart from where MusicBee last closed)
Put the shortcut in this folder so it runs when Windows starts:
c:\Users\<login name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
A full list of command line parameters is here:
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there is also an option in the Player preferences to resume playback when MB starts.


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there is also an option in the Player preferences to resume playback when MB starts.

This + putting musicbee.exe into autostart. I have This running for a long time. Only Problem is if you shut down your computer without closing MB First, sometimes it does not Start where you left.
But This is solved when you close the program before shutting down your machine.


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I know this is an old thread, but I am having a problem with the topic.

I put the shortcut to MB in the startup folder and I have the MB option set to resume playback when it starts. It was working fine, but now after I shut off my system and restart, MB starts but does not resume playback. It works when i shut MB down, and then reopen it with the same Windows session, but not when I shut Windows down and restart it.

BTW, for other setting this up, I didn't need to use any short cut parameters because MB is set to start about 10 seconds after it's called, which is the Win 10 default I believe. So the system starts, wifi connects, and then MB starts playing. But, not now.

Is there anyway to force MB too start playing the stream it was previously playing on Win 10 startup? I'm assuming I can do that is Task Scheduler?

I'm going to do that right now using the parameter:

Ah, and now I know why I used the startup folder. Windows won't let you create a task unless you have a log in password.
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