Author Topic: MilkDrop 3.0 + 500 presets  (Read 4345 times)


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Hey guys I've made a version a MilkDrop 3.0 + 500 presets  :D
It work with any audio sources, so it work for musicbee ;)

Infos and download:



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I'm impressed a lot - Thank You very much milkdrop2077 for creating & sharing this :) !

This seems to be exactly what all fans of Milkdrop was waiting for! An update of the famous but ancient Milkdrop back- & front-end.

Besides a ton of other features we get ...
- high framerate support (60, 90, 120 fps)
- multiple monitor stretching
- double-preset support
- preset auto hard-cut options

The current version of Mildrop-3 is available as a standalone-application.
This allows to use it in parallel to an MB integrated visualizer, e.g, "Classic Spectrum Analyzer".

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Thannk you so much, I actually love MusicBee now.  ;D


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This is fantastic. Thank you so much!

Is there a way to put the visualizer into desktop mode like the addon for MusicBee works? I'd like to be able to display the visualizer full screen with the MusicBee now playing popup displaying over it.


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Hey guys version 3.2 is out!
The possibilities of presets mashup are now insane, please watch my tutorial #3 :

What's new:
- 300+ presets, new HD textures, new HD patterns.
-Double-preset are now displayed correctly when entering/exiting full screen or resizing the window.
-Live blending update: pressing the keys 'p' and 'P' will display directly pattern or progress, no more backspace/spacebar needed!
-Reload a double-preset: pressing 'o' will reload a double-preset only with different random values,
very handy to see different plasma blend for example
-Flip presets: press 'u' to flip preset 1 and 2 (and keep the exact position)
-Locked direction: press 'U' to force the direction of the blending,
ex: if you are using the cercle pattern, -1 = from the INSIDE, 1 = from the OUTSIDE
-Block a preset: press 'b' to lock a preset, it will always load first when creating a double-preset (F9 and then SPACEBAR)
-Press 'B' to choose the blending time
-When pressing F4, you can now see both preset names if it's a double-preset
-New borderless mode with F7
-New delete mode: press CTRL+DELETE to start or exit delete mode:
Now you can delete any preset you see simply by pressing the DELETE key (no need to load the list and confirmation)
Very handy if you want to clean a large number of presets, be careful you can't restore a deleted preset!
-When pressing the keys A,D,M,Z or F9, it will auto-switch to 'Show only classic-presets' to avoid any mash-up errors.
-Added the Beginners Guide to MilkDrop Preset Writing in html and doc in the Milkdrop3\docs folder
-Lot's of small bugs fixed...
no desktop mode yet, but it's my to-do list!

same download link as before:
if you want to check the new presets only :
257 of them are .milk2 presets :)



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Is there any to get this running inside MusicBee as a tab?


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