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Good day,

First of; I love MusicBee! Switched from MediaMonkey which was getting slower..and slower..and slower. MusicBee feels like a freaking F1 car. Cheers.

Since I have quite a big library and a not so big memory, i was wondering if there's any way to see my recently added files. (Like MediaMonkey's 'added' column)

Thanks in advance,


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Hello and welcome.

Right click the column header and select "Set Display Fields...".
You should see "Date Added" on the list under "Other Fields".
Simply drag and drop it onto the right panel.

Another thing I like to do is have a smart playlist for only recently added files.
I think MusicBee includes one by default, you can customize the rules by right clicking it in the left panel.


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Thanks, Alumni!

I already tried your solution, since that would be the most logic.
Maybe i'm blind, but i can't find it.

The links refers to a screenshot:


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Ah, you want it in the column browser. To the best of my knowledge, that isn't doable without using a virtual tag. Alumni was assuming you wanted it in the main panel.

As a side note, you should really update to the latest patch (I'm assuming you're on 2.4). Read the instructions here.
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