Author Topic: Every track is duplicated  (Read 1655 times)


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Every track is duplicated.
The second track has an exclamation mark and is greyed out.
I'm sure it is me being thick but please can somebody help and tell me what I am doing wrong.


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Did you move any files outside of MusicBee?  Chances are the tracks with the exclamation points are linked to a location that no longer exists, and you can delete them.  You can mouse over the exclamation point for more info, though.  If you let us know what it says, we might be able to provide more specific advice.
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My hard drive is partitioned.
All my music files are located in a folder called music in one of these partitioned drives.
This folder appears in the music library.
Windows Media Player seems to just use the existing music folder.
Does MusicBee copy these files to it's own location?