Author Topic: Map base file paths in exported playlists  (Read 2385 times)


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I'm having a problem that I could do with some help with.

My music is spanned over two SD cards and I need to change the path of auto created playlists from "G:\" to "TF1:\" so they work on my X5 portable music player. However I can't seem to get this working. In the section labelled "Map base file paths in exported playlists" I have tried putting "G:\" into the "From" box and "TF1:\" into the "To" box, but the paths don't change in the playlist. Am I doing something wrong?

Also is it possible to alter more than one base path? So I have the following setup:

G:\ > this needs to be changed to TF1:\
H:\ > this needs to be changed to TF2:\

Any help would be be much appreciated.



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Working fine for me. Update your MB to the latest version to see if that fixes.

Unzip and overwrite everything to your MB program folder.