Author Topic: Merging Albums (Cue files)  (Read 1389 times)


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Hello, would any of you happen to know a way to easily merge albums? For example, I have Electric Ladyland CD 1&2 both with seperate single Flac/Cue files, how would I make that into a seamless album in Musicbee?


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Cuesheet files are no different than normal files in that all follow the same album grouping setting (Preferences> Sorting/Grouping> Grouping).
Say you defined album as having the same album artist and album name values. Then just make the two cuesheet files having the same values for the both fields. Two ways: you could edit either file tags or cue sheet files using Edit Cuesheet button in the tag editor. When editing tags, you will need to do that for each cuesheet file (each CD file in this case) since editing tags for multiple cuesheets are not supported.