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Ahhh ... that would explain why I couldn't find it.  And goes a long way to make me fell I'm not as dense as I thought.

Do you have a time-frame for implementation of this feature?

Thanks Steven.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 or 3.6 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

The Wiki
Posting screenshots is here
Searching the forum with Google is  here


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What about taking advantage of CDBurner XP, if there are some problems with ImgBurn  ???

CDBurner XP is quite popular free burning solution. Just like MB it's based on NET. Framework, well-maintained and developed. CDBurner XP supports all current standards and has all the audio features that would be complementary to those offered by MB build in tools. More info:

I guess implementing burning features to MB would require lots of time and effort, so maybe creating a plugin to use MB with CDBurner XP would be the solution  ???


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For audio cd burning I highly recommended burrrn. Simple and very light software.


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For audio cd burning I highly recommended burrrn.

Thanks for the info, but CD Burner XP meets all my burning needs. I thought about expanding MB functionality in burning capabilities rather than to find a standalone software. Furthermore, the burrrn hasn't been developed since 2005. If it was chosen to work with MB, who'd take care of bugs if any appeared  ???

IMHO, it's much easier to use a small, standalone and actively developing free software and make it to work with MB than to develop a separate tool from scratch. Wen the plugin (or sth similar) was developed, Steven won't need to fix bugs in that external burning component... Remember, new features means often new bugs to fight with :(

Maybe high quality burning functionality for MB could be achieved if CD Burner XP (or any other good free software) was added to the Send to menu in MB ???


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I've burned many audio cds with latest beta 2 of burrrn, I didn't found any bug. It's a great software.


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to be honest i've been holding off on this as i know implementing it will increase the support burden for me eg. with my own case my computer was hanging using ImgBurn and i am sure other software will cause just as many problems for other computers.
Also there is a fairly easy to implement way in Vista and Windows7 (but not XP) so i am inclined to go that approach rather than relying on other software


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Personally the first thing I do after a Windows instalation is disabling the build in burning utility  ;D It could be annoying as it's easy to add a folder or a file from Windows Explorer to it accidentally and there is always temporary content waiting for burning! Most users of Windows have a third-party burning software, because the one provided with OS lacks user friendly GUI and the functionality is limited to very basic needs only.

However, I can see some of it's advantages from a software developer perspective. If you make use of it in a way I don't need to look at the so called GUI, I'd be very grateful  ;D


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EAC is the only tool to burn with if you ask me, and only proper rips made with EAC originally with a guide such as this one

I've recently joined -
Feel free to add me if you wish :)

EAC V1.0 beta 3 can be downloaded here
And a full guide on setting it up and ripping a CD can be here


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Also there is a fairly easy to implement way in Vista and Windows7 (but not XP) so i am inclined to go that approach rather than relying on other software

Windows XP and Windows Server editions can also be supported. You just need to download Windows Feature Pack for Storage 1.0 from Microsoft website:
The component is required only for the system older than Vista with SP2.

I was against this approach but I've changed my mind after trying very good file manager called Master Commander. The app is free for commercial use too  :)

You can download and check it out here:
Portable version available too (NET.Framework 3.5 required).

AFAIK, it uses BurnUtils.dll to integrate burning features from Windows Feature Pack for Storage.
The only drawback I noticed in Master Commander burning utility is that it doesn't allow to adjust burning speed, but maybe it is to be improved in future releases.

Give it a try and enjoy !  :D

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Since I found MusicBee a year ago, I must have installed it on more than 15 computers of friends and relatives. All love its simplicity and its capacities, but most also regretted the lack of a cd burning function.

I understand there are many great free little applications that do the job very well, but for the people I know who are not computer savvy, this takes them back to windows media player, or to something like mediamonkey, and then they just stay there because they don't want to think about or learn how to use too many programs.

It would be great to be able to burn an album or a playlist easily. Personally, using imgburn or cdburningxp is fine, but for my father or some friends who'd like to burn a cd for the car or to bring to a party, a music manager without cd burning capabilities is just inconceivable.

Thank you to all who contribute to make such a great music manager and player!


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If there is an easy way to integrate burning in Vista and 7, why don't use it until there is a way which will also work for XP?


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Bump, not to be forgotten. Next major feature after subsonic? Would love to see this implemented  8)

 Steven I'll leave it up you to chose the best approach. This just HAS to be implemented at some point  ::)


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I'm still keeping an eye for it too!


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yeah will not let this feature be forgotten, but if anyone has got working methods of burning through the musicBee interface (most probably involving Send To) then they should also list it here as a temporary measure