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Could we have a way to change the default artwork for a podcast from within MusicBee?  I figured out that you could switch out the artwork in the folder, but it would be nice not to have to do a workaround.

Also, could artwork applied to a specific podcast file override the default artwork for that episode? Like if we want to give certain speakers their own artwork or something, we could add it like we would to any track.  I've tried to do this, but it always ends up showing the default artwork again, even if I can still see the other attached to the file.
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Please let us do this, just need an option to refresh the art from the RSS feed if they changed it.

And let me show the album art for the mp3 file I'm listening to when listening to podcasts, many podcasts I listen to have different art per episode that relates to the episode itself and it's a shame you can't see them unless you Right click>Edit