Author Topic: very very slow sync on every device i have  (Read 1833 times)


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I really love musicbee : fast, efficient, perfect album artist, perfect multiple genre (love that!!).

But i have a problem : sync is always very very slow, on every device I use.
I tried from a very recent laptop, and an older one. I tried each usb port. I tried 4 devices : 2 usb drivers, a wiko smartphone and a samsung galaxy core. Last try, it took more than 5 hours to sync approx 10 Go... It doesn't change anything i ask musibee too convert or not during sync

Any idea?



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Hi again

I made some more tries, nothing gets better.

Some people had the problem solved after deconnecting/reconnecting. Didn't worked.
Some says problem was due to mtp, but it is not active on my phone, I use  the USB mass storage options.

Today i started a sync of 1500 files and 12 hours later, it is not over...

Hope  i will find a solution, i really don't want to use other media player.



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