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If someone uses the mp3tag software you always receive a notification to remove the read-only attribute so you don't have to take folder by folder and do it everytime you want to modify sth. This is really annoying (although musicbee is the best player ever seen) in musicbee when you rate of save a lyrics to the file and it is read-only and musicbee won't do it so you have to go to the folder and do it yourself and repeat the process of rating or copying the lyrics.  >:(



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This was suggested a couple of months ago. I'm not sure if it was in its own thread though - I think it came up as the result of another question.
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+1 for alerting users when a file they're trying to alter is read-only.  In the tag editor, it would just be written somewhere.
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I want this to!
Nothing so frustrating as for instance rating an album and having to click cancel 15 times because all files appear to be read only.
We need a force write option (which is change the files to be writeable and continue the action you were doing)


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v3 has an alert window that pops up stating the file being edited is read only and should the changes still be saved.  I don't mind the extra clicks if editing all the tracks on an album as I feel MB is just making sure.  Much better than telling it to go ahead and change everything and then finding out something changed that should not have.
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