Author Topic: iTunes import: overwrite ratings and playcount independently  (Read 1848 times)


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First of all - thanks for this awesome piece of software! I've been blown away by both how functional it is (in some regards even more than my previous beloved MediaMonkey) and also good looking (beats MM by a wide margin).
Currently, when importing iTunes library, there is a checkbox "Overwrite rating and play count only" for files already in the MusicBee library.
I would like to ask you to please separate those, so that I can only overwrite ratings, but NOT play count (since I'll be listening to music mainly in MusicBee, I don't want to lose that information).

Here is more background on why I'd like that feature. As awesome as MusicBee is I can't completely abandon iTunes since it's the only program allowing proper sync with iPhone and I often rate new songs on my phone quickly (without listening to the full song) and then sync the ratings back to iTunes (unfortunately, can't sync it directly to MB). Now, to reflect those new ratings in MB I need to import the iTunes library again and enable the overwrite option. However, this would also mess up the play count, which affects some of the automatic playlists in MB.
If the overwrite option were different for each rating and play count, then I could just check the rating and leave play count as is in MB.
Thank you!