Author Topic: Option to turn on Auto-Shutdown at program start  (Read 657 times)


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I use MusicBee at work and use Auto-Shutdown to help ensure I don't leave the stream running when I leave for the day and neglect to turn MusicBee off. (Which unnecessarily uses up bandwidth for the non-profit radio station I like.)

File > Activate Auto-Shutdown > close MusicBee > elasped minutes > 720 > Proceed  

That is, I use Auto-Shutdown when I remember to. It would be nice if Auto-Shutdown could be optionally configured to activate on start up.
Start MusicBee, use it, and x minutes later it shuts itself off. Simple.

Unless there's already an option to do this that I'm missing of course. Sure I could play around with scheduled tasks to do the same thing, but it seems like this should be a reasonably easy addition.

That's it. Great application otherwise. Cheers!

EDIT: If you do want to stop MusicBee with a scheduled task, these instructions work:

Use this in the batch file:
TASKKILL /F /IM MusicBee.exe
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