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The status of the scrobbling service is located at:

If you are experiencing problems scrobbling to there is little point in posting to the MusicBee forum and expecting help.

Its entirely up to whether it accepts a scobble or not. MusicBee simply reflects any error returned by If there is an error where the guidance says to retry then MusicBee will defer and retry to scrobble on the next restart.
The status of whether a track is scrobbled or defered with any error code returned by is logged in Help/ Support/ View Scrobble Log. If its error code 16, a number of users have reported that the track will be scrobbled twice. However the guidance states the track should be rescrobbled so i wont change that.

I believe the reason some other applications work when MusicBee doesnt is because they are using the old version of the API. It can also be the case sometimes where MusicBee is sucessful and other applications are not so it works both ways.

I have approached to get a application id so MusicBee can use the old scrobbling API which seems many times more reliable the new API they replaced it with. Unfortunately they have not responded so there isnt much i can do about this

around Sep/Oct 2017 plan to stop support for an old version of the scrobbling API. That means that anyone using versions before MusicBee v2.3 will need to upgrade to a more recent MusicBee version which is available from the downloads page.
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