Author Topic: How do you get new album alerts?  (Read 9289 times)


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I've just realised that I missed 3 important album releases this year. has been down for months. is very limited.
Google Alerts isn't specific enough.

How do you do it? Especially if the bands are not mainstream?



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I suppose you could subscribe to the artist's Twitter feed for the latest updates.


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musicbee itself uses musicbrainz in the Upcoming Releases service. However i would expect its not great for obscure bands


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For bands I really care about, I have an email address that collects band email newsletters. I also follow some bands on Facebook.
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Discogs, though that only works for artists you already have in your collection and if somebody actually submits a new entry.


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I go to Encyclopaedia Metallum, select last month in advanced search and browse through what pops up. Just a few minutes each month to be up to date.