Author Topic: Is there a hard refresh function?  (Read 2129 times)


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This is kind of moot, but is there a way to force MusicBee to force a refresh of music files without restarting the program? I know there's a refresh (F5) and rescan function (Insert), but I've found that neither of these will consistently update files to reflect the latest changes to their tags.

For instance, I was trying to wrap my head around why tracks with different artists were being grouped into separate albums even after I added album artist tags and refreshed/rescanned my libraries. I thought I was going about it all wrong until I decided to restart the program, which finally gave me the result I was looking for.


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To update the tag values of files that are already in your library (after editing them in another program for example), use Right Click > Send To > Rescan Files. You can also assign this to a keyboard shortcut if you'll be using it a lot.
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