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Just for the record the following improvements have been made:
- sorting tracks in the main panel should generally be faster (maybe 2x faster). Also it should handle multiple "ignore words" when sorting much better
- column browser should load faster
- thumbnail panel for albums and for artists should load faster
- grouping in the album and tracks should be faster

i think it should start being noticable for people with more than 30,000 files

unzip and replace the existing musicbee application files:
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Not that I specifically noticed an improvement with this update, (I was already more than happy on this area), but just to let you know that after many years I am still almost daily impressed with the speed and responsiveness of MusicBee.
(probably also a little bit on account of my ssd)

Ricky Roma

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Thanks for that Steven  :D
I'm running MusicBee on a low powered eeebox Atom pc and I think this update will greatly benefit similar users. When scrolling in "Album and tracks" view there was always a slight delay in the artwork appearing which is now gone.  In "Artwork" view there is now only a very very slight delay when scrolling fast through the album covers. (25k files)