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Please could we make some more actions available to assign hotkeys to?

There are various 'tagging tools' hotkey options, but I don't think the list has been updated since Renumber tracks was introduced as a tagging tool. So can I request a hotkey action for:

Tagging tools: Renumber tracks

And also this one:

General: Goto playing track within thumbnail browser

Specifically for the latter, please can I have a yes or no whether it's possible to implement? Otherwise I will spend time keep coming back to the forum to check if it's been answered yet. I'm happy to even donate more to MusicBee just for this option - I would probably use it 100+ times a day on average. At the moment, I need to click on a random thumbnail and start typing the now playing artist and then scroll down to the playing album before I arrive at the playing track within that specific artist section.

Both Goto playing track at source and Locate selected track in library will go to the relevant track but only in the All Artists view, using the main panel Sort by option - so they don't do what I need.


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For the first, it's already there - "Tools: Auto-number tracks".
For the second, the closest thing you can do for now is click on artist name on track information panel in playing track mode. Then it will jump to Music Explorer with thumbnail browser filtered to the playing artist. This requires "Artist and album link to artist information" option in the track info panel configuration settings.