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I have been using and loving MB for a few years now since moving from an other program when my library overcame its abilities to cope.

I haven't really needed any more than a glance at the forums to point me in the right direction with any problems.

I thought it about time though to put in print my appreciation for the software and all who have helped develop it.  I can think of no other application that does so much of what I want so well.

As mentioned I have a large library of music and I like to have instant access to all of it from one place.  Well now from any place  actualy.

I have plugged my TB usb drive into my BT hub and now have full access from any device I choose.

For anyone else having problems with building a library via usb to a hub, be patient.     Depending on the amount of files and transfer rates, it could take many hours.  During this time MB may report "not responding" for hours.  The temptation is to cancel.  Mine eventually took about 11 hrs to scan and then almost as long again to list them in the inbox.

Once built though it runs almost as well as it did from local usb connection.  One strange exception being updating tagged art takes a very long time.

I remember reading somewhere on the forum a suggestion of a maximum DB supported.  I think I might have exceeded that but the program is still stable and very usable.