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Hi folks,

After getting fed up with numerous music players currently out there, I chanced upon Musicbee, and I have to say "where the hell has this music player *been* all my life?". This is, simply put, the best music player I have used in terms of flexibility and stability... having been using the software since September, it seems to have most, if not all, of the features I've ever wanted from a music player, and as such I have been recommending it quite highly to friends and family members.

Now, I apologise if this question has been asked before (I did use the search function, but maybe the answer I'm looking for is buried somewhere), but I really want to set up a profile and import my playcounts from Musicbee to a new profile. While I can see that you can scrobble directly from Musicbee to in "real time", I can't see any function to import past plays (I know that offers to import your play history for things like Windows Media Player etc. when you set up a new profile, but they offer no such feature for Musicbee)... I have over 4,000 plays in total nestling on Musicbee, and it'd be great if I could find a way of importing them to a new profile... even if there's a lengthy way of going about it!

Again, apologies if this has been brought up before... if it has, then could you point me in the direction on the boards where this has been asked before? I just don't want to start my play counts afresh when starting a new profile, or if possible, I don't want to use the Universal Scrobbler to painstakingly scrobble them all in order to "play catch-up" (which would be lengthy and very time consuming!)

Thanks in advance!  :D


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Tools/ Tagging Tools/ Sync Play Count from will import play counts from
It relies on matching the track details such as artist name, title, album which dont always match because can change those when you scrobble


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I think this person is trying to sync their play counts the other way, which I don't know of a way to do easily.
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The last resort would be to scrobble them manually by album or song,
There's a limit on a certain amount of scrobbles per day though.