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  I downloaded and installed MusicBee 2.4.5342 and so far like what I see, though I did experience a problem where MusicBee crashed every time I imported my song files. I finally found what I think was a corrupt wma file that was causing the crashes.

  Anyway, I have a few questions.

  1.) How come every time I  double click a song in my library it throws the entire song list into the player. Is there a way to set it so that double clicking a song will only put that song in the player?

  2.) Is there a way to set the sorting such that it will sort first by artist then by song title then by album? I created a custom sort for this, but the minute I click on artist for example it returns to a sort only on the artist with random sorting for the other fields. How do I make the custom sort permanent?

  3.) When songs are playing in the player, it seems to play the songs randomly. I have tried to find settings that would allow me to play the songs sequentially in the order I place them in the player, but I haven't been able to locate how to do this. Also, if I have a number of songs in the player how do I prevent it from repeating the playlist, ie, what if I select a number of songs and would like for the player to stop after it has played all the songs in the player, played sequentially of course?

  4.) I tagged most of my songs using Musicmatch, which had a tag tab for artist bio. All of my music files have an artist bio tagged into them. Is there anyway to set a tag in Musicbee so that it will find the bio information? Or would this be a feature request?

Musicbee has a lot of features, many of which I haven't explored yet. I'm looking forward to playing around with it some more.


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Hi, welcome to the forum!

1) You can change this behavior in Preferences > Now Playing

2) If you hold CTRL when you sort, you can select multiple fields.  So CTRL + Artist, Title, Album will sort the way you describe.  Clicking on a single field again will return to sorting by just that field.

3) There are shuffle and repeat buttons on the player which control this behavior.  If you're using the sidebar player, right click to access those controls.

4) If you look in the Tag Inspector and figure out what the label for that tag is in the file, you can configure it as a custom field in Preferences > Tags (1).  Click the button that says Define New Tags to add your field, then set it as a custom tag in the main preferences screen.
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