Author Topic: Selecting a song by typing the titel doesnt work exactly  (Read 2830 times)


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main-panel -> song-list (all songs of a playlist).
goal: to reach a song very fast, by typing the titel.

this does not work properly:

f.e., three songs:
so, my typing looks like this:
H - ok, found
K - ok, first entry with a K: found
K again - ok

BUT: i think that i found a bug: when i press BACKSPACE long enough, next/following entries will be found again!

so i think: there is an error within the buffer: buffer will not be emptied, when item has been found (cursor pointing / highlighting the item)
as soon an entry has been found, the buffer should be EMPTIED or as soon there is a change while typing a search-string.
should work exactly the same way, as f.e. in windows-(file)explorer.

please do some test within your own songlists - do you discover the same behavior?


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As far as I understand your description, this is not a bug but is intended behaviour. There is a deliberate lag implemented - you just have to wait a second or two for it to clear.
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ah ok, i see... hm... not very comfortable, but i think, there have been some reasons to design it this way... and yes: windows-explorer has the same behavior. thx for the hint :-)


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The reason for it is so that you can do a search with more than one character.  For instance, searching S-U-P for the Supremes, rather than just S.
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