Author Topic: make copy of file when adding to library  (Read 2019 times)


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-the only feature i liked in itunes was being able to "Add items from your computer to your iTunes library" and would like to be able to do that here
-disabling middle mouse wheel search and have it act as the type of scroll when you move your mouse
-if a track doesnt have anything in the description and the only information is in the file name when adding to musicbee it will move it to the folder i have it set to but get rid of the file name and make it unknown which means i have no way of indicating what file it was anymore (goes back to why i want to make a copy)

if anyone can tell me how to do these thins it will make the player perfect for me =)


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If you have no tags in your music files, do not enable auto-organize setting. That's what caused your files to move and have their name changed.
If you want to make copies of your files, select files> right click> use Folder(copy) command.