Author Topic: Export information to clipboard... with templates!  (Read 4254 times)


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(This is a followup to my post in the General section)

Would it be possible to add multiple templates support to the send to clipboard feature?
I often find myself using different templates to export a playlist for a variety of reasons.
Sometimes I just need the artist list:
<Artist> ! that was easy

Some other times I need a nicely BBcode formatted list :
<Track#>. $If(<Artist>=<Album Artist>,,[artist]<Artist>"[/artist] ")<Title> <Time>

And then I need to enter a new release in the MB (MusicBrainz!) database, the previous template is too complicated then I'd use:
<Track#>. <Title> (<Time>) (for a single artist album)

Another useful feature would be to add a footer/header to the output:
Maybe the total length of the album or a link to the album artist website or MusicBrainz release page.

Hopefully, it will save me (and maybe some others) a few clicks and copy/paste commands.