Author Topic: Custom option for Artwork Storage - "Copy To Path"  (Read 1547 times)


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My Sony Walkman NWZ-E455 stores its artwork files (*.alb) in a special folder, called ALBUMS. And I suspect all Walkmans do. Currently, the "copy to the same folder as music file" option is hit-and-miss, as sometimes the device does not display the artwork for all tracks. I suggest an additional option called "Copy to path", in order to solve this issue. Should be rather easy to implement...

Also, as I have previously stated, the deleting of music on Walkmans from MusicBee is incredibly slow, taking as much as 5 minutes for 150 songs, as it seems to delete one file at a time and going through a rather ellaborate process doing so... I noticed there is a special plugin for iPods and iPhones, I'm just saying, a special plugin for Walkmans could also do the trick for the mentioned issues.  ;)
MusicBee is a worthy successor to Winamp.  :D