Author Topic: Tagging Help With "Infer and Overwrite Tags from the Filename"  (Read 4820 times)


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Hello! I've been having difficulties figuring out this tagging feature. Say I have a file called "01. Ground Theme", but none of the tags are there, just the file name. How would I go about setting this feature tag-wise to figure out the 01 is the track number and the "Ground Theme" is the title of the track? Is there a good help resource for this type of tagging? Thanks!


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In the field filename template at the bottom of the Infer Tags dialog you need to enter a pattern that tells MusicBee where each part of the tag is in the filename. For your example "01. Ground Theme", you would enter:

<Track#>. <Title>
(aka. "Hey MusicBee. What's up? My filename is the track number followed by a period and a space followed by the track title.")

You can also use backslashes in your template to refer to parent folders, so if the path to the file is:
The Beatles\1966 - Revolver\02 - Eleanor Rigby.mp3
you could use the template:
<artist>\<year> - <album>\<track#> - <title>
to set each of those tags.
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Oh! Awesome response, I was missing that tiny little period there. Thanks for the help!


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I'd like to add just a small tip for any future users of this function. I couldn't find a more relevant threat to post it in.

I ran into trouble with this function since there where multiple types of dash (-) characters used withing my file name.

I ended up with this
<Number#> - <Artist> – <Title>

See how the first dash is shorter than the second dash... I didn't notice that at first and couldn't get the renamer to work properly (becuase I was giving it the wrong kind of dash)

Just copy your filename and replace the parts to be tagged with the appropriate tags


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Considering these filenames:

Bioshock 1 & 2 OST\Bioshock- Soundtrack (Ultimate OST)\11 - Fats Waller - Jitterbug Waltz.mp3
Bioshock 1 & 2 OST\Bioshock- Soundtrack (Ultimate OST)\12 - Billie Holiday - Night and Day.mp3
Bioshock 1 & 2 OST\Bioshock- Soundtrack (Ultimate OST)\13 - Django Reinhardt - Liza.mp3

Right click, auto tag by track, infer and update tags from filename.
Applying this filename template:

Bioshock 1 & 2 OST\Bioshock- Soundtrack (Ultimate OST)\<Track#> - <Artist> - <Title>.mp3

Although validate command returns OK, this gives 'no changes' as result. I'd expect to auto tag Artist and Title.
What am I missing please?



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just use the template only without preceding or following characters
<Track#> - <Artist> - <Title>

the template can include directories as well eg.
<Album>\<Track#> - <Artist> - <Title>