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Before i add a feature request someone may be able to provide a work around. Imaging i have 40 playlist mixers ( each one is based on similar artist, like a spotify radio station). I would like to sync a random selection of these to a portable device, not all of them as i am limited with space. Is there a way to currently do this? I realise i could probably create a playlist of playlists, but that would only transfer one playlist file (with all tracks) to the device, i am looking to keep the playlist files individual.

If not then i would it be useful if you could create a sync rule in the same way you create a playlist rule and say "transfer X number of playlists from this playlist folder, select by [random/least played/most played etc]  this way i could add playlists to the folder and when i connect my device it would select a random group of them and push them across. 

I am a big fan i not picking most of the content i place on my device I have playlists that select a number of random albums and use that to push music to my phone. The mixers are a great idea, constantly changing radio stations.