Author Topic: Replay Gain and Flac + Cue files  (Read 5012 times)


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Is it necessary to split a single Flac + Cue album into seperate flac files in order to apply replay gain through MusicBee?

I know MusicBee automatically reads the cue file and creates a track list from the single flac, but when I select those tracks and do volume analysis the "ablum gain" box is greyed out and "track gain" is the only available option.  If I proceed to analyze the tracks they all come out with the same calculated track gain (so basically an album gain?), an album gain is blank.

MusicBee doesn't have a built-in cue splitter, correct?



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for replaygain tagging of flac + cue files, MB only processes the replaygain for the entire flac file - although it can split the files it doesnt support writing to the cuesheet which is where the replaygain tags would need to be written. It can read the replaygain tags from the cuesheet if you use another app to write the replaygain values


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Hi Steven, I currently use Medieval CUE Splitter to split FLAC albums into individual tracks. Does MusicBee provide the same functionality, and if so, can you tell me how it's done?


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I used to use a little piece of software called Faasoft Audio Converter to split FLAC, MP3, WAV, etc albums into individual tracks, happy with it.