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When I auto-tag a file, it uses a different apostrophe than the one I manually type on a keyboard. It's frustrating because if I search for a song and type a regular apostrophe, for example, "I'm looking through you," it won't find the song because the file name has a different type of the apostrophe.

Here's a regular apostrophe on my keyboard: '
Here's the variation of the apostrophe: ’

Notice how the variation is slanted slightly more. I am not sure how to even type this character, I had to copy and paste it from a song title. The one I am used to typing is the key directly to the left of my enter key. I am running Windows 7 and MusicBee version 2.4.5349.


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...I am not sure how to even type this character, I had to copy and paste it from a song title.
Its on the left up corner of keyboard on the '~' key, but with 'shift'.


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Hmm, that isn't the same character, that is slanted the other way: `
Here is a regular apostrophe: '
And here is the character that auto-tagging uses: ’

If you look closely or paste those into Word and make the font really big, you'll see that the character above the tab button is slanted down (going from left to right), a regular apostrophe is more or less vertical, and the auto-tagging character is slanted up (from left to right).

I did some more digging around and found out that the character is actually a typographic apostrophe whereas most people use a typewriter apostrophe (Wikipedia link here: and

The typographic apostrophe that the auto-tagging feature uses can be typed by holding down the alt key and typing 0146 and then releasing the alt key. This is not the same character as the one left of the enter key on a standard keyboard (which is a typewriter apostrophe), and again it's frustrating because it breaks the search function.

Is there any way to change this to use a typewriter apostrophe?


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Tools>Tagging Tools>Search and Replace. Should do what you want, or so I'd expect.
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Thanks, that did the trick! I was able to find and replace all the apostrophes.

It seems like the apostrophe that the auto-tagging used is technically the "correct" apostrophe used in writing (MusicBee is just pulling it from databases online), but the apostrophe on keyboards is obviously the preferred one for typing.