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I opened a PLS file from which is a really nice radio I listen to and MusicBee doesn't show the artist and neither the track currently playing, unlike AIMP 3 for example which I use only because it has the best tagging I've seen so far.

Any ideas  ??? :-\


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i tried the links from and all work fine, showing the artist, track and year
can you give me a specific link you tried that didnt work


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I tried the 160k/44hz PLS file and it looks like this >

MusicBee Tray :

MusicBee Main :

I'm using the latest MusicBee 2.4 Client on Windows 8.1 x64. If it works for you, it should work for me, don't know where the problem is.


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opening the PLS file with MB only runs the stream through the player
to extract the data, you have to add as a new station
right-click the 'Radio' icon in the LH panel and select 'New Station'
put the web stream in the address box and wait while MB gets all the info
hit 'Save' and then you get all the artist info and covers to show up
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