Author Topic: My preferences just suddenly disappeared..  (Read 3425 times)


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My musicbee suddenly reset entirely, for no reason.
What happened? Are all my custom tags gone now aswell? How can I avoid this in the future?
gee, now I have to do EVERYTHING again >.<.

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Were your custom tags saved to the database? If not, they should still all be in your files. And in future, I'd recommend backing up your settings files and custom tag files (see here).
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if custom tags are saved to the musicbee library, that file is separate to the settings file
c:\users\<your id>\appData\Roaming\MusicBee\MusicBeeSettings.ini
and the library is in the root folder of your music library folder: MusicBeeLibrary.mbl

If they are saved to the music file, then you just need to set up the custom tag mapping in the Tags(1) preferences