Author Topic: cant copy mp3 from win 8 explorer to a MB playlist  (Read 2409 times)


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i get allways the forbidden Icon.
Background: i have organised all my MP3 in Folders.
shure, i can use MB without library or playlists - only by using my computer-Folders as "playlists".
but using a library etc. would be morre elegant :-)
as i dont like to create all playlists from the scratch, i had the idea to create single playlists an then drag/drop the choosen files from win Explorer Folder to the MB playlist.
this does not work. why? thx!


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I'm not sure if you are meant to be able to drag files into a playlist from outside of MB, but you can browse all the files on your pc from within MB in the Computer node. Then it is the same as when you are in file explorer. Then drag them from there into your playlist.

Hope it helps.


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THANK YOU!!! I've been trying to figure this out forever!! You can't drag from windows explorer but MB has it's own explorer that works. You're awesome dude


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You should be able to drag files from Explorer to MusicBee.  ???
Bee excellent to each other...


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if you run MB as an administrator then windows disables drag/ drop from lower privlidge processes